As a member of our events we ask you kindly to adhere to the following – anyone breaking club protocol may have their membership revoked.

  1. Respect for all other members attending at all times
  2. Ask politely if you wish to play with another member or one of the House Dommes
  3. No unsolicited touching or groping
  4. NO means NO – do not be over persistent, pesky or lecherous
  5. Strict Fetish Attire  –  or smart black – or dare to bare! (no streetwear such as jeans, t-shirts or trainers) – We will refuse entry if not adhered to
  6. Be tolerant of others fetishes… you do not have to be involved
  7. Please no photos (anyone found to be taking unauthorised photos on phones etc will be asked to delete them and may be asked to leave)
  8. We are all adults but anyone engaging in play should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  9. No drugs policy